Duppa releases debut album


Sabina Elago

Windhoek-Upcoming Kwaito artist Phillips Kapia, aka Duppa, has released his first album, entitled ‘Page One’.

According to Duppa, the album contains a pertinent message to the nation at large. “Most of the songs are spreading the message of how we should maintain our lifestyles, things we should avoid and the one we must pay attention to most,” says Duppa.

The album is a combination of Kwaito, Hikwa and Hip Hop songs featuring local artists Exit, Neslow, Edd K, and Crazzy Dog. It consists of ten songs, including ‘Party Time’, ‘My Aunty’, ‘The Reason’, ‘New Show’ and two instrumentals, of which track 10, ‘Omntonyo’, is his favourite.

“Omtonyo has an important message on ways how young people should live.
“They must know there is more to life than entertainment and spending their money on unnecessary things, forgetting there are more important things in life that need to come first and they must concentrate more on their studies,” says Duppa.

He adds that Page One will be launched soon and will be available around the country.


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