Let us use social media for positive things-Gazza


Pinehas Nakaziko

Windhoek-Local musician, Gazza, is asking his fans and all Namibian at large to stop hurting each other using social media.

Gazza told New Era in response after a short video clip of a naked married woman and her lover went viral a week ago. It is claimed that the male lover recorded the video and later posted it online.

The multi-award singer warned Namibians to wake up and start doing something better in their lives, instead of destroying each other’s. He says Social Media is just like a tool that need to be used in order for people to improve or better their lives.

“We must not in any way destroy each other’s, and causing trouble, especially within marriage,” says Gazza, adding that people must use social media to educate, advertise and market their self or businesses in a polite way.

“We need to focus more on positive things, and Namibia must wake up. This story of posting pornography is disturbing and I am scared,” feared Gazza said.

He adds that he wouldn’t want to see his children also growing up in such environment of people exposing other via social media.


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