Nanub gets 38 years for ex-girlfriend’s murder


Roland Routh

Windhoek-Trougoth Nanub, nicknamed ‘Striker’, was sentenced to 38 years behind bars by Judge Alfred Siboleka in the Windhoek Prison High Court yesterday.

Nanub, 32, who had proclaimed his innocence, was convicted of having stabbed his ex-girlfriend to death at Okombahe in the Erongo Region in October 2012. He was convicted on January 12.

Cheroline Dausas, 25, was killed in a knife attack at Okombahe in the Omaruru District on the evening of October 9, 2012.

Nanub pleaded not guilty at the start of his trial in July last year and although he did not give any plea explanation to the court, his defence was that he did not stab Dausas, as alleged by the State.

According to Judge Siboleka, the cry from society is that the murder of defenceless women should stop, but nonetheless the situation continues unabated.

He said the evidence before him did not disclose who terminated the relationship between Nanub and the deceased.

“It is nonetheless my considered view that there was no reason for the deceased’s life to be lost in such a gruesome manner,” the judge stated. He further said the prosecution handed in two previous convictions of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm on an ex-girlfriend. According to Judge Siboleka, it is interesting to note that while Nanub denied the name ‘Striker’ in the present matter, he admitted to it in his previous cases.

Also noteworthy, the judge said, is the fact that Nanub stated in the Omaruru District Court, during his previous court case, that the complainant was his ex-girlfriend.

He further said the evidence was confirmed by Riana Goses, his former girlfriend and the complainant in the two assault cases. “The accused was stalking her after she had terminated their relationship, till he found her. He attacked her during the night,” Judge Siboleka observed.

He said Nanub did the same with the deceased in the present matter. “From the evidence it is very clear he was stalking her during the evening in the riverbed.”
He called her and she went to him, then an attack was launched on her.

The propensity of stalking and attacking his victims during the night after they had terminated their relationship with him was abundantly clear, the judge said, and continued: “It is obvious that the accused is a danger to our society and they need to be protected from him.”

Judge Siboleka went on to say: “I am convinced beyond reasonable doubt that the accused’s conduct poses a danger to defenceless female citizens, because he is not a first offender.”

“With all the above facts it becomes abundantly clear the accused’s personal circumstances, including the four years and four months that he has already been in custody before the finalisation of this matter, are all outweighed by the manner in which he launched his vicious attacks on his ex-girlfriends.”

According to Judge Siboleka women have the right to take decisions just like their male partners, and they should not be killed for simply terminating their relationship with their male partners. “It is for the above reasons that this court finds it to be appropriate that he be removed from the public for some time,” the judge concluded.


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