Nanny wants to preach among fellow detainees


Maria Amakali

Windhoek-A thirty-nine-year-old nanny who was arrested last year for allegedly abusing a child left in her care wants to remain in police custody so that she may preach the Word of God.

Hilma Shaningwa was arrested last year in September for child abuse after she allegedly mistreated the three-year-old boy, whom she locked in a cupboard for approximately six hours.

Instead of requesting to be released on bail, Shaningwa informed the court on Tuesday that all she wants is to remain in police custody in order to spread the Word of God.
“I want to be in custody and preach the gospel. I was arrested for my gospel,” she said.

According to the police records Shaningwa, who was employed as a nanny, allegedly hit the child before locking him inside a cupboard from 09h00 until 15h00 at a home in Hochland Park, Windhoek. The child emerged from the ordeal weak and sickly.

Shaningwa who sees herself as a ‘prophet’ from John Ministries, located in Katutura, informed the court “God will reveal the truth” about the crime for which she is being accused.

On the day of her arrest Shaningwa tried to convince the police that God took the boy away, which is a storyline she kept repeating in court on Tuesday.

Shaningwa, who saw no need to be represented by a lawyer, pleaded not guilty to the charge of ill-treatment, which amounts to contravening Section 18 of the Children’s Act of 1960. She challenged the State to provide images as evidence that the boy was mistreated.

After hearing what Shaningwa had to say in self-defence, Magistrate Verinao Kamahene granted the State the power to take Shaningwa for mental observation with immediate effect.

Shaningwa will remain at Hosea Kutako police cells, where she will receive special treatment until February 28 as it is believed she is not in her right state of mind.


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