More stormy days to hit sports fraternity – Matheus


Otniel Hembapu

With one eye fixed on the global financial meltdown and one on the continuous severe budget cuts by the government, the chairperson of the Namibia Sport Commission (NSC) Joel Matheus has cautioned the country’s sport federations to brace themselves for more financial storms.

As we speak, most of the country’s sport federations – if not all – haven’t yet received their entire annual grants from government via the NSC and from the look of things, Matheus says, the likelihood of the NSC coming to the rescue of the destitute federations is almost non-existent as they too are financially hapless.

“Yes I can confirm that we haven’t given all the sport federations their annual grants from the last financial year and from the look of things I don’t think we will be able to do that anytime soon. Our funder, which is the sports ministry, is experiencing some serious budget cuts and that affected our operations badly – leaving us in no position to fund our affiliates,” said Matheus in a recent interview.

He added: “Looking at the year ahead and also at the pace at which the budget cuts are continuing, I really doubt if the NSC will soon be in a position to help the federations. With regard to the upcoming financial year, I truly foresee no difference as far as our financial situation is concerned. So all I can really do is to caution our federations to brace themselves for dry days.”


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