Geingob gets 18 years for nephew’s murder


Maria Amakali

Windhoek-After four years of trial, Reinhold Pambe Geingob was found guilty of the murder of his nephew Herold Geingob in 2012.

Katutura Magistrate Alexis Diergaardt found Geingob guilty of murder and sentenced him to 18 years behind bars. “Stabbing another human being nine times is a clear indication that you intended to kill the deceased,” stressed the magistrate before passing judgement yesterday.

Before breaking down in tears, Geingob informed the court he was guilty as charged and he was aware he took someone’s life. On October 10, 2012, Geingob intentionally stabbed his nephew Herold with a knife at his sister’s place in Golgota, where he and the deceased were residing.

The deceased was found with nine stab wounds of which one was a penetrating wound that caused massive internal bleeding.

The victim’s body was found with eight other cuts which indicate the deceased was trying to defend himself.  Geingob had fled from the scene but he was later apprehended. “After stabbing him, I started feeling guilty, that is why I left the house,” explained Geingob.

All three State witnesses provided similar testimony on the events that transpired prior to the incident on that fateful day, indicating an argument broke out between the deceased and his sister, which ended up with Geingob being involved.

The argument infuriated Geingob to the point of his stabbing his nephew nine times in the chest, causing him to bleed to death. The victim’s body was found in the street after he tried to escape the frenzied attack.

Geingob’s trial was characterised by several lawyers withdrawing from the case, which was just one of the reasons his case kept on being postponed, prolonging the course of justice.

Magistrate Diergaardt said even though Geingob shed tears, he was not remorseful, taking into account the amount of time he wasted by not being consistent with his plea.
During the course of the trial he was labelled as ‘uncooperative’ by his attorneys. His last attorney Flora Gaes, before withdrawing from the case, informed the court at the time that she was withdrawing from the case due to conflicting instructions.

A psychiatric evaluation report indicated Geingob was healthy and mentally fit and there were no signs of any mental illness, meaning he was of sound mind when he stabbed his nephew.


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