Purpose-built traffic courts face delays


Selma Ikela

Windhoek-The chief of the Windhoek City Police Abraham Kanime has said they will soon have a meeting with various stakeholders, such as the Namibian Police, Ministry of Justice and Office of the Prosecutor-General, to iron out outstanding issues delaying the opening of road traffic offences courts.

The construction of the court complex, situated at the corner of Bismark Street and Sam Nujoma Drive, is complete. The courts will deal solely with road traffic offences.

New Era had earlier reported that the City Police will bear the total cost in constructing the two-court complex and the Ministry of Justice’s mandate is to provide staff that will run the courts.

The courts will reduce pressure on magistrates’ courts when it comes to dealing with traffic offences. Kanime explained that the specialised offences courts will, amongst others, also deal with illegal water connections, illegal electricity connections, the issue of illegal and problematic dogs and illegal vendors. Kanime said the opening of the courts depends on the outcome of the planned meeting. Other stakeholders expected to attend the meeting include the judiciary and Windhoek Municipality.
“We are moving slowly but surely,” remarked Kanime with regard to the opening of the courts.
Last week, the traffic management unit of the Windhoek City Police embarked on an operation to trace motorists with outstanding warrants of arrest at their place of employment, residence or on the road.
The traffic police have over 60 000 warrants of arrest outstanding for Windhoek only.
It is estimated there is an average increase for these warrants of 500 per month.


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