Namibia unaffected by Trump travel ban


Maria Amakali

Windhoek-There was a sigh of relief from Namibians who were speculating that Namibia might be affected by the executive order signed by US President Donald Trump on Friday to ban the entry into the USA of citizens from several states.

But in effect only the citizens of seven Muslim-majority states have been temporarily banned from entering the USA. These countries are Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Syria and Sudan.

However, an article appeared on social media over the weekend claiming Namibia has only been granted 100 US visas per year. The now apparently mischievous article further states that in the midst of the executive order to ban seven countries, the US granted Namibia only 100 visas per year. Meaning that only a lucky 100 applicants will be granted visas to the US that will only be valid for three months.

However, the US embassy in Windhoek through its spokesperson Eric Atkins denied the allegations regarding travel restrictions in respect of the number of visas to be issued to Namibian nationals.

“The executive order, signed, does not affect Namibia in any way,” emphasised Atkins. The embassy states that all consular services are available to the public and there is no limit to the number of visas to be issued by the embassy. “The executive order is strictly limited to the seven states.” Trump on Friday banned the citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the US for at least the next 90 days as a measure to curb terrorism being exported to the US from extremists in those countries . Trump’s executive order is in line with his campaign pledges of “making America great again and keeping America safe”. During his election campaign Trump called for a ban on all Muslim states linked to terrorism.Approximately 218 million people from the seven states will be affected by the temporary ban. It is still unclear whether more countries will be added to this list.

The embassy affirmed there is no change in relations between the US and Namibia, adding that relations will continue to grow stronger.


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