MTC decision on football unchanged, says board chairman…Nashilongo denies meddling in football politics


Carlos Kambaekwa

Windhoek-MTC chairperson Elvis Nashilongo stands accused of meddling in football politics barely a few months after his appointment.

This disturbing rumour is abuzz in football circles of late with people boasting freely that Nashilongo has made it crystal clear that he will not release the N$15 million sponsorship money if the current leadership remains in place – a move described as unprecedented at that level.

Contacted to clear the air, Nashilongo said: “I’ve absolutely no clue about the rumour and don’t know where it comes from. As far as we are concerned our position as MTC board with regard to funding football remains unchanged and we have made it categorically clear.”

A clearly disturbed Nashilongo added that MTC is not a football entity and its primary function is in the telecommunication business.

“So far, there has been no turnaround in our earlier decision to part ways with football and should there be any new developments, we will make it officially known through the appropriate channels,” stated Nashilongo.

The country’s cash-strapped flagship football league (NPL) has now reportedly been divided into two groups, one being the breakaway group led by Lukas Nanyemba and NFA president Frans Mbidi.

The latter is accused of having aggressively embarked on underground maneuverings, burning the midnight oil in a desperate bid to unseat NPL chairman Johnny “JJD’ Doeseb and his team at this coming weekend’s NPL Annual General Assembly. The mooted ousting of Doeseb is apparently aimed at paving the way for Nanyemba to become NPL chairman – thus ensuring the NFA constitution is amended to give the ambitious Mbidi his wish for a 2nd term.
The Nanyemba/Mbidi-led group has allegedly been lobbying behind the scenes and the message is clear under the following pretence:
“We have already convinced the MTC chairman to delay the release of the sponsorship until we get rid of Doeseb and his allies, after which he will ensure the release of the sponsorship to the new leadership.”
This move has allegedly put club owners under immense pressure and confusion at this upcoming weekend’s AGM, not knowing whether this clandestine claim is indeed true.


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