Kunene appeals for drought donations


Alvine Kapitako

Windhoek-The Chairperson of the Management Committee in the Kunene Regional Council, Julius Kaujova has implored the private sector to donate food stuff to drought-affected communities in that region.

Speaking to New Era in a telephonic interview yesterday, Kaujova said the drought is so severe about 80 percent of areas have not received any rainfall.

He also said the current drought relief food (maize meal) from government is not enough to cover all affected communities.

“It is a challenge because not everyone is covered. Some people have set up tents close to dumpsites where they scavenge for anything eatable. I’m appealing to private agencies, retailers, farmers, independent donors and anybody who can assist to meet government half-way by providing drought relief food to the Kunene region,” he said.

A vulnerability assessment study done by the Office of the Prime Minister indicates 33 120 people qualify for drought relief food in that region. Kaujova says at least 54 000 people need drought relief.

“While we are appreciative to government we really would like for more people to chip in and meet government half-way as people are really suffering. Many people in this region depend on drought relief food for survival,” stressed Kaujova.

He foresees a drought disaster in the near future if the current situation persists.
“We are thankful for the companies that have assisted is with food,” said Kaujova, who added that last year there were a number of food donations made to the regional council.

He added the government drought relief maize meal can last up to a month depending on the number of people in a household.

“For families with many depends it does not last long and that is a challenge,” stressed Kaujova.


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