Rev. Katenda resigns from Anglican Diocese


Sakaria Kadhikwa

Ongwediva – Reverend Lukas Kaluwapa Katenda, an ordained priest of the Anglican Diocese of Namibia, has resigned.

His resignation from the diocese became known following a letter sent to all the Anglican congregations in Namibia informing them of his departure from the Anglican Church of Southern Africa.

In a letter dated 17 January, 2017, that bears Bishop Luke Lungile Pato’s signature, all the Anglican parishes in Namibia were informed that Katenda had resigned from the Anglican Church of Southern Africa and thus has no right to act as a priest in any of the congregations of the Anglican Church in the region.

Bishop Pato declined to shed light on what might have caused the resignation, informing church members to seek further clarification from him in writing on the matter.

Katenda confirmed his resignation but indicated that he will remain an Anglican priest as far as other parts of the world is concerned.

“I would like to make it categorically clear that I will never relinquish the priesthood of the general Anglican Church, let alone that of the Church of God as a Body of Christ. This resignation is just limited to the Anglican Church of Southern Africa and not other parts of the Anglican Church worldwide,” Katenda said.

“I will remain an Anglican priest but not under the episcopal oversight of the Diocesan Bishop of the Diocese of Namibia. A complicated situation made it impossible for me to remain there,” noted Katenda without spelling out the complication.

He further cited episcopal, biblical, theological, ecclesiastical, historical as well as pastoral and practical reasons as another basis for his departure, without elaborating.

He also mentioned his address on social platforms of his resignation according to the manner and form prescribed by the Constitution and Canons of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa, the mother body to the Anglican Diocese of Namibia.

Katenda said he would issue a press statement to clarify his position and status, and his next step as an ordained priest.


  1. We will never tell the truth when is coming to Christianity, if we do criticism will come upon us intimidation, and all sort of disturbing the lively hood of religion way of doing their ritual and useless sooth saying. Well done Mr. Katenda. My sheep knows my voice and they do hear me.
    From Jerry Uusiku Swakopmund.

  2. I am so sad to here this….But who are we to judge you? whatever forced you to resign I put in the hands of God to deal with…I hope your resignation will not stop you from visiting the Anglican churches mostly the one in Tsumeb.


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