Ondangwa to adopt new regulations


Sakaria Kadhikwa

Ongwediva – Plans by the Ondangwa Town Council to formalize regulations with regard to business registration and certification, as well as waste management, are at an advanced stage.

A consulting company that the town council tasked to develop policies that will govern the operations of businesses and management waste has completed its assignment and did a presentation of the formulated policies at council offices on Tuesday.

Nghivelwa Planning Consultants that did the presentation is also responsible for developing the policies on business registration as well as plans to regulate and control waste management.

The company made a presentation to the Ondangwa Town Council on Tuesday to enable the council to make further input before any adoption.

During the presentation the managing director of Nghivelwa Planning Consultants, Nghivelwashisho Ndakunda, emphasized the need for each town to have regulations in place that guide the actions of, for example, business people and other residents.

He said business in every town including Ondangwa need to register with the local authority in order for them to operate smoothly.

“When a business is registered and certified they will be able to access funding from financial institutions – they will be protected by law. Through this they will also be formalized in the locality where they operate and will be able to pay levies, besides creating jobs for people in the town,” noted Ndakunda.

The business regulation policy, he explained, will empower the council to determine the areas in which any business will be conducted or where it is not allowed to operate a business.

The regulations further spell out that certain businesses are noxious and need special authorization as well as an environmental assessment certificate which spells out the operational parameters.

The regulations also set out procedures to be followed when a businessperson appeals against a ruling, when to report a lost or stolen registration certificate and what to do when a business operation has ceased.

Apart from the regulation that governs the registration of business the council also now has rules related to the collection and management of waste.

In terms of the waste management policy, the council has to have a well-managed dump with regard to all types of refuse that is taken to such a dump. The dump should also have specific areas where specific waste is to be dumped.

Currently the town council dump is a place where every type of refuse is dumped except hazardous waste from hospitals.

The current dump also does not have any proper control with regard to who should enter it and who should not. When the new regulations are implemented this situation will be a thing of the past.


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