Cross-carrying evangelist robbed


Matheus Hamutenya

Keetmanshoop – Evangelist Martin Esterhuizen, known for moving around on foot with his cross and preaching the word of God, got the shock of his life when he was attacked and robbed near Mariental.

Esterhuizen carries a cross engraved with biblical verses, preaches the gospel from place to place, and is known for walking from Windhoek to as far as Keetmanshoop and Karasburg to spread the word.

As with any journey he undertakes he would freely stop and set up his tent anywhere and sleep along the road when he felt too tired to continue walking, but last Wednesday was different as his sleep was interrupted by three men who woke him up and demanded he give them all he had in his small tent.

He narrated to New Era that he had been travelling from Windhoek when 10 kilometres outside Mariental he got tired of walking and decided to camp alongside the road and would proceed the next morning. But at 03h00 he was woken up by three men who robbed him of the little money he had and his cellphone, while they broke his megaphone which he said helped him a lot in getting God’s message out to the people.

“I was sleeping and three men came asking me what I was doing there and they asked me to take out everything I had in my tent. They then grabbed my phone, my money and one of them punched me in the face,” he said.

He said after they had taken his belongings forcefully one of the men took the megaphone and threw it on the ground while hurling insults at him, before running towards a car that was parked a few metres away from where he was sleeping.

He further narrated that after the incident, more insults followed as he tried to get help from the police, alleging that upon his arrival at the Mariental Police Station, two police officers who stood outside made fun of him and his cross, and ordered him not to leave his cross by the police parking space.

“I went to the police station but two officers chased me away, saying I couldn’t come with my cross there, and they continued insulting and mocking me, so I just walked away without opening a case.”

He indicated that despite going through this ordeal he is more determined than ever to spread the Word of God, informing New Era his next journey will be Cape Town in neighbouring South Africa.

“I’m going on a mission to preach and I will preach in every town and place I pass,” he said.


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