Ondangwa empower through refuse removal


Sakaria Kadhikwa

Ongwediva – Ondangwa Town Council has empowered a few local residents with tenders to collect and remove waste from residential areas. The tender earns the four contractors N$25,000 a month.

Ondangwa Town Council spokesperson Petrina Shitalangaho said the refuse removal service has been given to four contractors, who collect waste from households in the town, but a portion of the work still remains in the hands of council workers.

Shitalangaho said the town is divided into four zones and each of the four contractors is allocated one specific zone from where to remove household waste.

She said besides the four contractors the council has an agreement with a waste management company, Rent-a-Drum, that assists it in removing the Molok waste collection drums, because they are the only entity that has the means to remove the refuse from that system, which is mainly found in the business districts.

“Rent-a-Drum also picks up waste from business premises in town and for this the town council pays them about N$15 000 per month, but the amount is not fixed and fluctuates each month,” Shitalangaho explained.

She said Rent-a-Drum is also tasked with collecting recyclable materials from Ondangwa waste-dump at no cost.

The town council’s costs for managing the site are restricted to the employment of a security officer, whom it pays N$5,000 a monthly.

Recently the town council awarded a tender to a company that is busy fencing off the waste-dump premises after the fence that was there was vandalised and stolen. For this work it will spend about N$504,000 dollars.

“When the fence is complete we will be able to manage the premises better, as well as be able to submit our environmental management plan to the Ministry of Urban and RuralDevelopment for approval,” added Shitalangaho.

She said although Ondangwa has signed a memorandum of agreement with the City of Windhoek that covers several aspects, including town planning, community development and waste management, among others, the cooperation in practical terms has not taken off on a notable scale.


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