JJD and Mbidi at each other’s throats…war of words erupts as officials jostle for top NFA job


Carlos Kambaekwa

Windhoek – Tension is amounting as two of the country’s football heavyweights find themselves at each other’s throats.

New Era Sport has learned from reliable sources that an ugly spat has erupted between the president of the Namibian Football Association, Frans Mbidi, and charismatic chairman of the country’s flagship football league (NPL) Johnny ‘JJD’ Doeseb.

A furious Doeseb accuses his senior of backstabbing, whilst fingering the NFA honcho of having adopted a blatant attitude to promote tribalism and division in the annals of domestic football.

The NPL chairman is irked by Mbidi’s apparent shoddy antics after he was made aware of a hastily arranged and secretive gathering at an Arebusch lodge in Windhoek yesterday, under the stewardship of the NFA president.

“Dear Mr president Mbidi, I’m aware of today’s meeting and your unprofessional conduct and governance which will haunt you badly in future,” reads part of the message from Doeseb.

The clearly agitated NPL boss further accused Mbidi of having made it his sole beat to call secret meetings with certain members of the NPL executive in a desperate bid to orchestrate his (Doeseb’s) removal from office.

According to sources close to the debacle, Mbidi claims to be acting on the orders of someone, but Doeseb is not exactly impressed.

He says Mbidi is supposed to be conversant with the NFA rules and regulations, adding that a club chairman alerted him to the secretive maneuverings.

“Shame on you, you did not even have the decency to inform, or… even notify me as the legitimately elected chairman of the NPL, which includes the very same club chairpersons you have called to a meeting.”

Doeseb sunk his teeth into Mbidi, adding that the NFA president has resorted to gossiping like a woman, while organising secretive tribal meetings, which would destabilise and ultimately derail football in the country.

“I’m going to announce a sponsorship for the league in due course to put you and these useless power hungry idiots to shame. If I were you, I would have spent more time to reorganise myself professionally, but it seems to me you have not learned anything during your entire stay in football,” he fumed.

Further, Doeseb said he does need a single cent from football, neither is he interested in any position in football.

Insiders say Mbidi is desperate to have the NFA constitution amended to allow him to stand for another term – hence the sudden change of attitude towards some of his underlings, who would in all likelihood oppose his mooted candidacy.

Contacted for comment, Mbidi pleaded ignorance to the allegations made by Doeseb and denied any knowledge of clandestine meetings with NPL affiliates or chairpersons for that matter.

“JJD must stop this nonsense of accusing other people of tribalism. I grew up in Windhoek in a multi-cultural, multi-tribal society. I’m definitely not a tribalist. I’m not from the North and my record and public standing can attest to that,” Mbidi shot back at the damning allegations.

“The only meeting I had was with Lolo (Goraseb) today (yesterday), because he requested to have an audience with me.”


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