Convicted killer insists he is innocent


Roland Routh

Windhoek  – A man convicted of having stabbed his ex-girlfriend to death at Okombahe in the Erongo Region in October 2012 is still maintaining he is innocent of the evil deed.

Trougoth Nanub, 32, told Judge Alfred Siboleka on Friday that he cannot show remorse for something he did not do. He, however, said he contributed N$5 000 to towards the funeral expenses of the deceased, although he apparently did not know whose funeral the money was meant for.

“My family came to visit me in court and asked me to contribute to the funeral expenses, but I did not ask them whose funeral it was and they did not tell me,” he said on a question from Judge Siboleka as to why he paid such a huge amount towards the funeral of someone he did not know.

Nanub claimed he simply did not know the deceased, Cheroline Dausas, was dead and only came to learn about it in the High Court.

This caused Judge Siboleka to burst out laughing. The judge then wanted to know from Nanub if he expects the court to believe he was never told the identity of the person for whose death he was charged with murder – not even by the magistrate in Outjo where he was first charged.

Trying to salvage the situation, Milton Engelbrecht, the state-funded lawyer of Nanub, asked him how he felt about the death of the deceased, to which he answered: “I feel very bad. I was in a relationship with that lady and I treated her very well.”

During his submissions on the sentence to be delivered Engelbrecht said the court should not condone immoral practices by women, who are involved in more than one relationship.

“I do not say men must kill women who cheat,” he said and continued that the courts cannot turn a blind eye towards such practices. He conceded that a custodial sentence is unavoidable, but asked the court to show mercy and reminded the judge the sentence should serve as punishment and should not destroy the accused.

For his part State Advocate Jackson Kuutondokwa lamented the Engelbrecht’s argument that the court should give any weight to the alleged infidelity of the deceased.

“Namibian men and men in general should learn to accept that women have the right to walk away from a relationship without being killed or beaten,” he said. According to Kuutondokwa, the deceased was killed only because she did not want to be in a relationship with Nanub anymore. In this case, he said, the accused is a danger to society and must be removed for a very long time.

“The accused is a predator who strikes in the dark,” Kuutondokwa said, noting that this is borne out by the evidence of his two previous convictions. All Nanub’s criminal activities occurred after dark, which shows a tendency to use the cloak of darkness to screen his violent impulses, Kuutondokwa told the court.

He said even at this late stage of the proceedings, the accused still refuses to accept responsibility for his actions. This shows a man who has no compunction and no respect for the lives of others and none whatsoever for the law. He asked the court to sentence Nanub to a minimum of 45 years behind bars.

Nanub pleaded not guilty at the start of his trial in July last year and although he did not give any plea explanation to the court his defense was that did not stab Dausas, as alleged by the State. Dausas, 25 was killed in a knife attack at Okombahe in the Omaruru District on the evening of October 9, 2012.


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