HopSol, Benjamin launch new Youth Soccer League


Windhoek – HopSol Solar Power, a private firm in the solar industry announced a lucrative sponsorship of N$1 million over the next three years with the ultimate aim of establishing a domestic football youth league.

The youth tourney was launched yesterday in Windhoek during a well-attended media conference that attracted various football clubs, sports personalities and strategic partners in sport.

The youth league starts on the 24th of next month and will run until the end of October.

The youth league will be known as the HopSol Youth Soccer League and is an initiative of BKK Auas Sports Trust with the aim of creating a platform for football development among young footballers from 9 to 19 years old.

Co-founder of BKK Auas Sports Trust and former Brave Warriors midfielder Collin ‘Collymore’ Benjamin said the objective of the youth league is to broaden the current scope of organised youth football, while at the same time rekindling the ailing fortunes of schools football culture in the country.

The youth league is targeting 10 teams per category within the 9–19 year old age group, with all participants to be chosen from schools around Windhoek before the youth league expands to other regions at a later stage.

Founded in October 2016, BKK Auas Sports Trust seeks to promote quality sports development in Namibia and internationally, as well as establish long-term objectives and facilitate youth football leagues from grassroots to professional level.

Benjamin highlighted the importance of creating a conducive environment for talent and skills development by providing regular playing opportunities to athletes, so as to develop their talents in the process.

“We believe the HopSol Youth Soccer League will create platforms for future soccer stars to form part of a professional league system and structured development programme, as this is important for the advancement of soccer and in identifying talented players in preparation for high level competitions” said Benjamin.

The Trust also seeks to provide professional services to all participating teams with regards to infrastructure, administration and management of matches, registration and venues.

Benjamin further touched on the importance of educating and training coaches as well as being able to facilitate quality football training among teams.

“We would like to partner with clubs, schools, academia and other development programmes to assist them to build sustainable structures for youth football development.”

HopSol Solar Power has supported youth soccer development in the past, giving hundreds of children an opportunity to develop themselves and promote a sense of cohesion and unity among children from different backgrounds.


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