Rundu to rehabilitate damaged roads


Rundu – This year road users will be relieved to know that Rundu Town Council plans to rehabilitate some damaged roads, which have become a nightmare for road users in recent years, as some gravel roads are sandy and cars often get stuck in the sand, particularly in the dry seasons.

Infrastructure development is a key priority this year, says Rundu Mayor Verna Sinimbo, who singled out roads in Sauyemwa, Kaisosi and Kehemu as among the roads targeted for rehabilitation.

“At the end of last year, we made an agreement with Roads Contractor Company (RCC) to assist us with the rehabilitation of all damaged gravel roads and that is going to be done this year. The work is going to cost the council over 4 million dollars,” Mayor Sinimbo told New Era.

The mayor said the road rehabilitation project is aimed at making roads in Sauyemwa, Kaisosi and Kehemu areas more accessible and bearable for motorists. Work on it has already started.

“That is not the only activity we have planned this year. We will also continue with the expansion of the electricity network in the following locations: Ndama, Kehemu, Sauyemwa, Kasote and Kaisosi settlements, so that more households have access to electricity,” she said.

“We want to make Rundu appealing to visitors and investors by keeping our roads in a good state and also keeping the town clean. That is also the reason we launched a cleaning campaign – Keep Rundu Clean – just before the end of last year and we hope to continue raising awareness on environmental cleanliness this year,” Sinimbo said.

“This is an area where we aim to see drastic improvement in our communities and we hope to change people’s approach to littering in the long-term by strictly enforcing the laws and regulations regarding littering, such as implementing fines and levies for littering,” she added.


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