Indiscipline impacts on school performance


Khorixas – Last year only ten out of 70 pupils at Welwitschia Junior Secondary School who sat for the Grade 10 exams passed.

This result put the school in the pool of worst performing schools in Khorixas and its surroundings.
New Era interviewed the school principal Vaino Shikeshele who said this year Grade 10 pupils would be given tests before being allowed to register for the end-of-year exams.
“They will write three test before they register for exams. Starting from next week they will sit for a qualification test,” Shikeshele said.
Lack of discipline is one of the problems haunting the school.
Although the school had requested that Grade 10 learners reside in the hostel some parents complained about this.
Last year the school did not have an entrepreneurship teacher for grades 8 to 10 and an unqualified teacher helped out, while this year they got one though there is a need for more teachers.
Shikeshele also revealed the use of dagga among learners at the school.
A teacher who spoke on condition of anonymity said most of last year’s Grade 10 pupils could not do even simple sums.
The principal was also uncomfortable with the fact some nightclubs allowed schoolchildren to frequent their watering holes.
New Era was informed about 100 pupils would be required to get their parents or guardians to see the school principal because of lack of discipline, before being readmitted this year.
Last year when the school management introduced restrictions at the hostel as one way to enforce discipline some learners protested outside the principal’s residence.


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