Police slap sparks uproar


Windhoek – The police are urging three men who were arrested last week while busy producing fake money in Windhoek to approach them to help formulate charges against police officers who allegedly mistreated them during their arrest.

The trio – Johannes Setson, 36, Kapiya Ekonia, 34 and Uuandja Patrick – already appeared in court last week after their arrest last Tuesday. They were released on N$1 000 bail each.

A video circulating on social media shows that one suspect was slapped on the head by a police officer when he was ordered to kneel down.

The Deputy Inspector General for Operations, Major General James Tjivikua, said that because of unprofessional conduct by the officers they are looking for the said people to lay appropriate charges against the officers.

According to the video the police caught the men red-handed at Oshitenda informal settlement on Tuesday after a tip-off.

The men were printing fake N$200 notes and in the video an iron, A4 printing paper, printers and pair of scissors could be seen. The amount of money printed is yet unknown.

Namibian police spokesperson Warrant Officer Immanuel Lazarus could not say whether the suspects regularly printed fake money or it was their first time.

Lazarus said what they saw in the video is that the men were mistreated by the police, hence they must come forward and open a case.

Lazarus said the video shows a suspect being slapped by an officer. He explained the police officer is only allowed to use minimum force when a suspect interrupts his work or when the suspect is arrogant.


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