Mumbala calls for revival of Swapo sections


Keetmanshoop – Swapo //Karas regional coordinator Matheus Mumbala says the strength of the party lies within sections and branches and thus all such structures should be revived.
He made the call during the first meeting of the Swapo regional leaders last Friday at the party’s regional office at Keetmanshoop.

Mumbala urged district coordinators from all seven constituencies of the region to ensure that all structures at branch and section levels are filled and operational, noting that this is the only way the ruling Swapo Party could be further strengthened.

He pointed out that the branch and section levels are the basis of the party and without them the party and all its other structures would not function properly.

“Without them, we will be like a party without roots and a party without roots is not a party,” he said.

Describing last year as a huge success for the party despite numerous challenges faced while carrying out party activities, Mumbala urged party members to do more than last year to ensure development for the region.

Asked how Swapo councillors fared in their first year in office after the elections, he indicated that last year was a learning curve especially for local authority councillors, but he expects hard work and service delivery this year as stipulated in party documents.

“This year we really want service delivery and accountability – we need rural people to have access to proper toilets and housing,” he stated.

He further expressed disappointment with the region’s performance in both the Grade 10 and 12 examinations, saying the time has come for all stakeholders in the region to sit and identify the region’s shortcomings and map a way forward on how to improve results.

Mumbala said the party is ready to assist where it can to improve education in the region, adding that all district coordinators have pledged to work closely with schools in their areas to assist where they can. He called on educators to redouble their efforts.

“I call on our educators to improve where they didn’t do much last year, and pull up their socks to ensure better results,” he said.


  1. Dont try to silent the people with your dirty swapo politics while the inhabitants of the region are having land issue problem. Mumbala you know the problem of land issue but you are silent about it. We are tired of one tribe trying to dominate the other tribes.


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