Nearly 150 000 ‘weapons’ surrendered in Khomas


Windhoek – In only four months the Namibian Police Force (Nampol) in Khomas Region has stockpiled 147 668 weapons, inlcuding bullets, handed in by the public after it called on the public to hand in illegal firearms and ammunition in their possession, without facing the possibility of prosecution.

The weaponry handed in by the public range from rifles and pistols to ammunition and explosive ordnances.

The first phase of the amnesty period which ran from August 16, 2016 till November 18, 2016 saw the public hand in 96 366 items, comprised of 1 160 firearms, 95 125 rounds of ammunition and 81 explosives.

During the second phase which lasted from November 18, 2016 to December 15, 2016, 235 firearms, 51 052 rounds of ammunition and 15 explosives were handed in.

Even though it is not yet clear whether the amnesty period will be extended for a third phase, Immanuel Lazarus, a warrant officer and a spokesperson for Nampol, said the public are still urged to report or surrender illegal weapons.

He added that hopefully the period will be extended as it was done in other regions.

“There is no need for the public to be in possession of these weapons as they are under the protection of law enforcement,” said Lazarus.

According to Nampol, weapons lying around are at times used for crimes such as murder.
Explaining the process to New Era on Friday, Lazarus said that Nampol is working hard to ensure the nation is free of illegal explosives and firearms, thus the weaponry collected will be destroyed.
The public can still surrender illegal weapons without facing the possibility of prosecution.


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