Top performers: why we passed


Ongwediva – Discipline, commitment, self-driven learners and teachers are just some of the key ingredients for academic excellence, the two top performing government schools in the Grade 12 national examinations revealed.

Principal of Negumbo Senior Secondary School, the top performing government school, Iyambo Alugongo, said he has been a proud principal and teacher for the past nine years with his school always ranked in the top ten.

Negumbo Secondary School in Omusati Region is situated at Onaanda, south-west of Oshakati.
Asked what the recipe to good results is he said it requires a team of disciplined and committed teachers and learners.

“You need a disciplined environment, staff, learners and a committed team. With that you can dream of good results,” said Alugongo.

Alugongo said the school also goes an extra mile to assist learners with learning difficulties by offering them remedial classes in the afternoon.

He said the remedial classes are an essential ingredient towards success at a school which like many other schools struggles with a lack of adequate resources and overcrowding.

“We also have our battles here, but maybe people think we are a school with only a few learners,” said Alugongo.
He said the school is privileged because all its learners are residing in the hostel and they took advantage of this to study hard.

“Learners will always be learners – those who attempt ill-behaviour are reprimanded harshly so that they serve as a lesson to would-be offenders,” said Alugongo.

The learners at the school are only allowed to leave the school when they are going home for weekends as stipulated in the government calendar.

Teachers are also expected to keep the learners busy by giving them sufficient work and are also expected to give feedback in a reasonable time.

Echoing the same sentiments, the acting principal of Rev Juuso Shikongo in Oshikoto Region, Sakaria Namwiha, said discipline is enforced at the school.

Rev Juuso Shikongo took second position in the national ranking followed by Gabriel Taapopi Senior Secondary.
Apart from the discipline, the school has a vibrant team of committed and self-driven teachers.

“Managers here do less and learners are equally self-driven who go an extra mile without being supervised,” said Namwiha.

Namwiha said the challenge the school faces now is attracting competent teachers when a teacher leaves because of the dilapidated gravel road from Omuntele where the school is situated.
“Recruitment is a challenge because a position can be vacant for a while,” said Namwiha.


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