Local musicians on how they spent their holiday



Time Out’s Sabina Elago spoke to local musicians to find out how they spent the festive season and what the New Year has in store for them.

The artists shared that the festive period is a busy one and creates a lot of work for them.

The Dogg said he spent time with his family and still managed to work during that period. “December is the busiest month but I can’t complain because I work for my family,” said the kwaito star.

It was all work and no play for Gazza this past festive holiday. “I don’t celebrate the festive season with my family – it’s sad but that is the time I have a lot of work,” said Gazza who was on the road during the festive season.

“It’s always tight that time and it’s tough especially on the kids, but I also have to work, for them to have a better life,” said Gazza. His fans can only look forward to the best of him this year, Gazza said. The Dogg, however, was tight lipped about his plans for the year, saying it’s “a secret”.

For gospel star D-Naff it was a combination of work and family. “We had a road show with the D-Naff entertainment crew where we had album sales in Outapi Ondangwa, Ongwediva and Eenhana and at the same time I took my family along travelling the country,” said the gospel sensation.

D-Naff added that he got time to bond with his family as they did a lot of fun activities together such as swimming and quad biking in the desert.

D-Naff entertainment released four albums which D-Naff said sold ‘very well’ during the roadshow. “For now we will just concentrate on shooting music videos and on how to get our album recognised in other African countries. This year we are crossing the border,” D-Naff said.

Lize Ehlers spent her festive season with her loved ones at Langstrand. “It was a dream. To listen to the ocean while lying in bed reading a book and falling asleep again,” she said.

She packed her Christmas and New Year with adventure. Open door helicopter rides on New Years Eve and an aerobatic flight just after her birthday on January 1st.  “I was so excited to be gifted the helicopter flight by friends and the aerobatic flight by my dear husband. My heart was beating, my blood was flowing I felt so alive and grateful,” said Lize.

Lize fans can look forward to her fourth album. “The Song Night show will also be spreading its wings first to the coast and then further afield. Watch this space. 2017, is the year of positive action,” she said.


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