Limbo saga drags into third month


Katima Mulilo – It is three months since the chief executive officer of Bukalo Village Council, Martin Limbo, was suspended with benefits for alleged misconduct.

Although Bukalo Village Council has appointed an acting CEO, who is also getting an acting allowance, Limbo continues to get his full pay following his widely reported fallout with Charles Siyauya, the chairperson of the newly established village council.

Critics have in recent weeks blamed the council management for the delay in charging Limbo and setting a hearing date, but New Era is reliably informed that Limbo has now been charged and a date for his hearing has been set.

Contacted for comment, chairperson of Bukalo Village Council Charles Siyauya refused to comment on the matter, saying only that the issue is a personnel issue and therefore cannot be discussed in public.

When reminded that the issue is of public interest and the public needs to know why council has taken so long to charge its suspended CEO, Siyauya confirmed that Limbo has been charged and that the hearing must still take place.

“He was already charged last year and he knows the charges. You can ask him and he will tell you. As for council, we have already decided not to discuss the issue as it is against the Council Act,” stressed Siyauya.
Approached for comment, Limbo denied ever being charged.

“I never received any charges. Does he (Siyauya) have proof where I signed for them? After all, it’s the council that should serve the charges on me, not him.

“Council has never met since November and the whole December council goes on recess. I never got anything until now,” he said.

Limbo and Siyauya have been at loggerheads since Limbo was suspended in October last year. Limbo maintains his suspension was unfair and in turn accused Siyauya of having been the architect of his suspension without a council resolution.

Limbo went as far as opening a corruption case against the village council with the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) over the awarding of plots at the village.
The investigation into that case is believed to be at an advanced stage. Sources in the know say the outcome of the ACC investigation will soon be revealed.


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