Land scramble at Omuthiya


Omuthiya – As the need for housing that comes at a huge price continues to surge unabated despite efforts for affordable land, residents of Omuthiya and elsewhere in need of houses are to be slapped with a surprise purchasing fee pending evaluation.

Approximately 400 pre-planned erven are scheduled to be made available to the public by end of next month, although the price range is not known at the moment as council is still waiting for the evaluation results. It is however suggested they are aimed at accommodating low and middle-income applicants.

The serviced plots are situated at Extension Six Zone where the Omainda central business district will be located, and the area is nearly complete with only a few touches remaining, including evaluations.

The plots are being serviced under a public-private partnership (PPP) by Preferred Management in conjunction with the Omuthiya Town Council.

Omuthiya Town Council CEO Samuel Mbango explained the price range has not yet been determined because the developer will still have to evaluate the labour and services provided.

“These are planned residential erven and am I am sure by now the developers are busy putting the costs together following which a meeting will be held. These plots will be given to those that have already secured their financial assistance and those with preapproved loans – this is so because once you purchase the plot the developer will begin to construct your house right away,” stated Mbango.

In addition, he said, priority will be given to those that have already applied and those on the waiting list before others can be considered.
“We don’t want to create a scenario where land remains idle for years without being developed,” hinted Mbango, while reassuring that it will be particularly aimed at those in the low and middle-income groups.


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