Explosive ordnance found in cropfield


Oshakati-Police explosive experts were called to a cropfield in the Endola Constituency yesterday where they disarmed an explosive device that was recently unearthed.

Councillor of Endola Constituency Ferdinand Shifidi told NBC’s Oshiwambo Radio Service yesterday that workers who were clearing part of their cropfield discovered the deadly explosive device.

“The person who was digging with a pick unearthed the device, but luckily when he did it he was not digging so hard.
That’s why it did not explode,” Shifidi said.

He noted that because the area had been a war zone, such devices are bound to be found from time to time. Thus he cautioned anyone who happens to come across such devices not to touch it. but instead to report it to the police immediately.

The people who found the device covered it with tree branches and soon reported to the police who sent out an explosives team.

Ohangwena region police spokesperson Abner Kaume Iitumba confirmed the incident, saying the device was identified as a grenade of Russian origin and had already been destroyed at the time of the interview.


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