Brownish water alarms city residents


Windhoek – The Windhoek Municipality has advised residents who claim to have noticed brownish water coming from their taps to contact scientific services who will come collect a sample and test it for any impurities or bacteria.

City spokesperson Lydia Amuntenya was reacting when approached for comment after Rocky Crest residents complained about their tap water being brownish.

A Rocky Crest resident Natangwe Shikongo told New Era he noticed brownish water coming from the tap on Tuesday evening while bathing his son.
Shikongo also said he saw brownish water a few months ago but it didn’t last long. Shikongo said he contacted an official from the municipality who responded they might have been working on a pipe hence the change in water colour.

“After that it happened on a weekly basis that the water is a disgusting brown colour,” said Shikongo, adding that although they drink bottled water they use tap water for cooking.

He is concerned about whether it is safe to consume the water or it’s a risk.

A resident from Hochland Park said they noticed brown water especially in the morning.
“It is difficult to generalize in terms of what the cause is. It could be people are returning back from holiday and the pipes were not used for sometimes (that’s why the water is brown). The water needs to be tested so they should contact scientific services to come to the site and collect a sample for testing,” said Amuntenya.
She said the number of scientific services is 2903469/2903462.



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