Better planning averted blood shortage


Windhoek-Unlike previous years when there was a dire shortage of blood due to the high rate of road accidents over the festive season, the Namibia Blood Transfusion Services (NamBTS) says this year it has an adequate supply.
Over 50 hospitals and health centres countrywide depend on NamBTS for blood supply in order to save lives.

Beneficiaries of blood supply include accident victims, who may have lost too much blood and sick people such as cancer patients.

Titus Shivute, the educational officer at NamBTS said there is sufficient blood supply at the moment thanks to a campaign aimed at creating a surplus blood supply, which was launched on November 15 last year.

“The blood supply is definitely better than the previous year because it is moderate. By mid-December we had a nine to ten-day blood supply and that is what we were aiming at,” said Shivute who explained the stock is still sufficient for the next five days.

However, as Windhoek became empty the blood stock also declined because the majority of blood donors who are from Windhoek were out of town during the holiday season.

“We are looking into rebuilding that,” added Shivute, who also called on more donors to commit to giving blood this year.

Eligible blood donors can donate blood every two months and Shivute urged regular blood donors to donate blood at least four times a year “in order to save the thousands of lives out there”.


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