Nampol responds to rumours on N$3.5 billion case

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The Namibian police have dismissed all allegations about the alleged N$3.5 billion in cash found in a container, after media reports concerning the supposed lump sum in cash have been making headlines for several weeks now.

Nampol spokesperson Warrant Officer Immanuel Lazarus said the information circulating is not guided by facts. “There was no hard cash found amounting to that figure,” Lazarus insisted, adding that the police were shocked by the news reports and are trying to establish where the story originated from.

It was reported in several media outlets that the Namibian police had discovered a container stacked with N$3.5 billion in cash at Oshikango on the northern border of the country.

It was further reported that the container was being prepared for shipping to China. The money was allegedly discovered during an operation aimed at tracing counterfeit banknotes.

“As we are speaking right now, Nampol was not and is not involved in any operation of that kind,” Lazarus said and advised that the public should not be confused by stories not supported by concrete and verifiable facts.

He said the only money in question pertains to the case currently before the Windhoek Magistrate’s Court, involving three Chinese nationals and one Namibian male suspect. “This case involves transactions and not hard cash,” he confirmed.

Asked why it took so long for Nampol to respond to the misguided reports, Lazarus explained that investigations and the verification of facts can take time, but that the media are always quick to publish rumours rather than take the time to verify their facts.

“The media are always quick to report on cases and jump to conclusion without verifying their facts,” Lazarus stressed, adding that these are mere rumours being spread around, feeding the public wrong information.


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