Mob justice meted on suspect

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The Windhoek City Police have warned the public to desist from taking the law into their own hands but rather inform the police about any criminal activity.

City Police spokesperson Edmund Khoaseb issued the caution after Goreangab residents assaulted a suspected thief who broke into a shack and allegedly stole goods from the shack.

This resulted in a member of the public being arrested and he now faces a charge of assault.
Khoaseb said individuals cannot break the law by assaulting someone to avenge an alleged crime. That is why there are police and courts, he said.

“Two wrongs don’t make a right,” Khoaseb added.
He said the thief stole a 4.5kg gas cylinder, a cellphone and wallet containing N$500.

“After he took the things he walked away but the community later caught up with him and assaulted him.”
Khoaseb said he could not say what level of injuries the suspect sustained. However, he said the suspect received medical treatment before he was arrested.

In an unrelated incident, the City Police arrested a driver who fled from a minibus after transporting a carcass in his vehicle early yesterday morning.

Khoaseb said the cow’s tag had been removed.
Khoaseb added that the police tried to pull the driver off the road but he sped off. The police chased him and the driver abandoned the minibus and ran away but the police caught up with him.

Khoaseb said there were two other occupants in the minibus who fled and are being sought by the police.


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