Lüderitz outlines current developmental projects

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The chief executive officer of Lüderitz Town Council, Aunie Gideon, has unveiled a new plan to promote development projects that are aimed at uplifting inhabitants of the town.

Gideon listed several projects that are expected to come to fruition for the benefit of Lüderitz residents and also highlighted the challenges that are inhibiting the development of the town.

Among the capital projects being implemented under the 2015\2016 and 2016/2017 budgets is the servicing of land that would enable Lüderitz residents to build their own houses on serviced land.

She outlined a njumber of priority areas: about 45 erven would be serviced in Area 3; the interlocking of the 1km stretch road at Diaz Primary School road will be upgraded; the construction of a fire station will be completed.

The construction of the Build Together houses will also commence soon, as well as the construction of additional low-cost housing and also the upgrading of the Benguela road.

“The Power Energy Project is also currently busy with the construction of a 5 megawatt windfarm,” stated Gideon.
Lüderitz Town Council has also set aside land for the construction of a new police station and a clinic at the Area 7 informal settlement and also allocated playground premises around the town and approved the allocation of Cosira Hall for the Early Childhood Development Centre of Anglo American Namibia Foundation.

A building was also allocated in Nautilus to the Ministry of Safety and Security for its drug unit. Despite these developmental plans and determination to tackle the housing crisis Lüderitz Town Council lacks the resources, partly due to the budget cuts by central government and a lack of skilled staff.


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