Keetmanshoop fish farm almost complete



The construction of the Keetmanshoop Fish Farm – recently upgraded at a cost of N$20 million – is on track, despite a few delays, with completion set for March.

Fish farm manager Peter Simasiku said the project was initially due to be completed last year, but due to certain challenges faced by the contractor, this could not be done. He is however confident the project will be completed by March, as only about 10 percent of the work remains to be done, most of which are minor things, such as putting in windows and doors.

“The contractor had difficulties with cashflow and other challenges, but I’m happy that despite these challenges there is progress and about 89% of the work is completed so far,” Simasiku stated.

The N$20 million upgrade of the facility will see an increase in fish production from six tonnes per year to about 30 tonnes.

Simasiku further revealed that once completed, the facility will be one of the best in the country with new technology and computerised systems to be installed, which he says will ensure efficiency and successful farming.

He further said the new system will not be entirely novel, as he has already familiarised himself with many such techniques during a one-month visit to China last year, where Namibians were sent to familiarise themselves with aqua-culture projects in that country.

“We were exposed to different fish farms and new techniques, so it won’t be strange entirely and the knowledge I gained during that visit will be very helpful once our facility is completed. We’re looking forward to it and we don’t expect any setbacks,” he said.

Edison Building Enterprises caretaker Collin Hekemo, who is the supervisor on site, also indicated that the project is almost completed, stating that all work should be done by the end of March.

He noted that the delays were mostly caused by the need for supervision from the engineers, who sometimes take long to come to the site to look at the progress, since they are based in Windhoek. “I can say confidently that we are about 90 percent done. What’s left is just doors and paving, so everything should be completed by end of March,” he said.

Once completed the fish farm is expected to supply freshwater fish to Keetmanshoop residents and nearby places.


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