Elephants continue devouring crop fields



Communities in the Kunene Region continue to be tormented by elephants that trample their fields and in some cases devour entire crop fields, thus creating a food crisis for communal farmers.

Opuwo Rural Constituency Councillor Kazeongere Tjeundo said in an interview with New Era that he plans to work more closely with officials in the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, because in that region “elephants walk all over the fields of communal crop farmers”.

Tjeundo said the problem is serious. “You would find a farmer that has invested effort and time to cultivate his field, just for their crops to be walked over by elephants and then it becomes useless. The Ministry (of Environment and Tourism) must see what can be done about this,” Tjeundo said.

The chief public relations officer in the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Romeo Muyunda, explained that the ministry has ratified the international human-wildlife conflict policy and advised that communities that are terrorised by wildlife should speedily report the problem to the ministry.

The ministry also works closely with communities by educating them on how to deal with problems related to human-wildlife conflict.

“We try to work closely with the communities, including those in the Kunene Region,” Muyunda said.
Employees of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism are sent out when need be to monitor situations where it is reported that there is human-wildlife conflict, Muyunda explained.


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