Snouu finally talks about his journey in music



Upcoming and talented musician, Joseph Mundilo, popularly known as ‘Snouu’ has just released his debut album titled Iita, which means war, and is worthy listening to.

The Afro Pop and Kwaito singer, born in the northern part of the country in Ondeihaluka village in Ongha says his interest in music was fuelled by the hostel life of the Peoples Primary School and Otjikoto Senior Secondary School where he enrolled for his lower and high education.

“Back then if you are not studying, you will be dancing and listening to some local jams,” he says, adding that his story was not that complicated, but a struggle. He even ended up putting his passion for music on hold to graduate.

“I am back to making music, which I describe as the most amazing hobby. Music has a tremendous effect when it is well structured and blended. That is why I always try to structure my music in the catchiest way by repeating the highlights of the lyrics,” he says.

He adds that he creates his music from the mind and then sings for the producers, so that they can create a melody that does not kill the rhythm.

“That is why I have to work with big producers, like Elvo Diergaardt of Lash Attractions, Nel D of Dee-Style records, and Kanibal to come up with the best music,” he says.

His songs are based on themes and according to him he select a theme and writes on that specific theme. His favourite song on the album, Track 10 “Let the kids play”, is an Afro pop tune produced, recorded and mastered by Elvo.

The song talks about the injustices done to children and encourages people to live in harmony with children and not to spoil their best moments during playtime.

Track 12 “Iimaliwa ft Exit” done by Elvo is a Kwaito song that stresses the importance of money in the modern world and how it should not be misused (especially inherited money). Track 6 “Iita” produced by Elvo summarises the struggle to live in general and not the real war.

The album can be obtained for N$110 at Hakahana service station Queens Salon, Antonio Arts and Soweto Service Station.


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