Tough Team: The mechanism of music that’s true to you!



As tough as their brand name sounds, “Tough Team” the duo of Johannes ‘Brave O.B’ Imene and Hiskia ‘Wiz Boy’ Malakia are the sound for sore ears when it comes to the art of music. The young talented singers are not new to the music industry.

Since their passion and vision for music started in their childhood years, growing up together in the northern part of the country, both artists never knew they would team up one day, but their determination forced them to become the sensation they are now.

After completing their high school in 2010, the two moved to the city, where they pursued their interest for music by working together on a few songs.

With all of their songs being produced and recorded from the Fame Productions studio by talented producers Bexxa and Namz Brown, the duo took the next step and recorded their debut album ‘Go Getter’, which dropped end of 2016 and attracted listeners on local radios and social media.

They both recall running in the rain rushing to a studio session to record one of their tracks ‘New Government’, a hardcore Kwaito song which continues enjoying massive airplay. “The hustle has been real, and we got to stay real to the game!” says a determined Wiz Boy.

Apart from what they have done as a duo, they have collaborated with a number of local artists. They have worked with Radek, Neslow, Makasie, Amon of Taurus (A.o.T), Mile, Zulu Boy, Saddy, Robbie V & Lowkey, Blaze, Robby Bantswan & Vins of Backbones Productions just to mention a few.

On their new album, they featured Neslow, Radek, Ndaksa, Youngster Dee Tee of Young Revolution and the Boss Kid. The 14 track album is grounded with different music genres, including Kwaito, Hip Hop and a taste of Hikwa. The album is one of the best projects on the music scene in Namibia. It is an album worth listening to.

“It’s a project that is meant for and directed to all age groups. It encourages young people to work / grind hard, focus on what is good and respect their parents as they put God first,” says Brave O.B. However, these musicians are set to be the industries upcoming greatness’s, as they hit punch lines and make musical history while they are at it.

Their album is already enjoying airplay on local radio stations and they ask their fans to sit back, relax and watch them flex. According to Brave O.B, the best is yet to come and 2017 is their year to shine and take the music industry by storm.


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