Ministers too must cut costs

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[This is in response to the President’s remarks that ministers driving Mercedes Benzes does not mean they are corrupt]. Mr President (Hage Geingob), you know very well that the country is faced with economic crisis, but you are still defending that ministers’ driving Benzes is part of their employment packages.

The developmental budget has been cut substantially and public service employees have been encouraged to use minimum resources efficiently. Yet, you have said nothing to the ministers to cut costs. I thought the budget cut is supposed to run parallel across the entire government.

Ministers are still utilising government vehicles willy-nilly and without regards to the cost of fuel. Mr President this matter (of cost cuts) should be disseminated to all parties, as we are all part of generating and conserving government revenue. Ministers too should also cut their expenses just like other public service staff members.

Let us all pull together. Otherwise your justification that driving Benzes isn’t corruption will not hold water in terms of convincing the public that entrusted you with this huge responsibility of leading the nation to prosperity.

Pieter Smith Gerhard



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