Make up: beauty or horror?



There are generally two schools of thought pertaining to women who wear make up daily. They either look professional, put together, ready for their day, or they are seen as a ‘try-hard’, as someone who puts too much effort into their appearance.

Make-up artist Hanna Nangula said different women wear makeup for different reasons, some, to execute their beauty, hide the blemishes on their face and others just to complete and brighten up their outfit. “You wouldn’t want to look dull with your outfit,” remarked the renowned make-up artist.

The shaping of eyebrows was and is still trending. Yet, it is confusing for some people, questioning whether it is bullhorns or eyebrows. Discovering an ideal brow shape is a face-changer that not only defines a woman’s eyes but also frames the entire face. Nangula said eyebrow makeup frames a face and brings out the eyes.

“Getting perfect brows really depends on the dimensions of your face and knowing how to shape eyebrows based on your specific face shape doesn’t only emphasize your eyes and make you look younger, but it can even let you get away with wearing less makeup,” said Nangula.

She added that eyebrows should be natural and shaped in a natural curve and should not be too artificial looking. “There is no need to shave all your eyebrows off and draw it back on. All one needs to do is shave just enough to style it neatly,” Nangula advised make-up lovers.

Women wear make-up for confidence, character building, class and elegance, she added. “They can wear it anywhere, except to bed of course, as they wear it for themselves, it is a personal decision they make,” Nangula said.
Another make-up artist Georgina Barnabas known as Stacy, said society has made women feel like they need to look good and nothing is ever good enough so women wear makeup to feel wanted, appreciated and most importantly to receive compliments from their partners or friends.

“In reality no woman wears make-up just to stay at home and not be seen. I can’t talk for all women, but in most cases woman wear make-up to boost their self-confidence or enhance their natural beauty.

“I for one started wearing make-up up during my puberty phase, when I started developing pimples and I got very self-conscious . So I used make-up to cover up to make me feel beautiful again,” Stacy commented.

Stacy stated that although make-up can be worn anywhere, it is categorized according to where you’re going and what you are going to do. “If you are going to work or church you should preferably wear a simple soft look in comparison to when you are going to a fashion show or having a photo shoot,” explained Stacy.

She adds that eyebrows should look natural even with make-up on. “Sometimes all you need is perfect eyebrows and the rest of your face instantly changes. Always use a dark brown pencil and never a black pencil on your brows.
“If you don’t know how to do it find people who can teach you. Don’t let make-up control your life, you should feel beautiful with or without it, because you are beautiful,” Stacy advised.

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