Grade 12 results out next week



Thousands of learners who sat for their final Grade 12 ordinary level full-time and part time in 2016 will soon know the outcome, as the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture has announced that the results will be officially released on Thursday following good progress in the marking and processing of the examination data.

Candidates who sat for their Grade 12 higher-level exams obtained their results on December 21 when the Grade 10 results were also released.

About 50 012 candidates – including 38 277 full-time and 11 735 part-time candidates – were registered for the Junior Secondary Certificate (Grade 10) examination at 706 junior secondary schools and 144 part-time tuition centres last year.

In a statement issued yesterday, the ministry’s spokesperson, Johanna Absalom, said 51 120 candidates, including 21 104 full-time and 30 016 part-time candidates were registered for the Grade 12 Namibia Senior Secondary Certificate (NSSC) examination at 175 senior secondary schools and 122 part-time tuition centres.

She said the number of markers involved in the marking of the Grade 12 answer scripts last year was 812, compared to 805 in 2015.

A total of 14 743 of the 65 863 candidates (full-time and part-time combined) entered for one or more NSSC higher-level subjects compared to 13 172 of the 61 159 candidates (full-time and part-time combined), who registered for one or more subjects at the same level during 2015.

The number of higher-level candidates increased by 1 360 (10.2 percent) compared to 2015 and a total of 240 markers were involved in the marking of Grade 12 higher-level subjects.

Compared to 2015, the 2016 results indicate that the percentage of candidates obtaining grades 2, 3 and 4 is signficantly higher, although the candidates obtaining grade 1 fell by -0.1 percent.

Absalom said the results will be available on the website of the Directorate National Examinations and Assessment at, the website of the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture at and will also via an SMS service.

Learners are urged to send an SMS message with the title of the examination, for example, ‘NSSCO’, followed by the surname and first name of the candidate to any of the following numbers 2929, 55755 or 99099 and in response the student’s surname, first name and results will be displayed on the screen of their cellphone.

Both the websites and the SMS service will be active on Thursday, January 12 as from 15 minutes after midnight (01h15).

Absalom further said the regional directorates of education will provide assistance to parents and learners during office hours by supplying the results from broadsheets to candidates and relatives, who personally visit their offices or contact them by telephone for the results.


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