O&L operating companies celebrate significant achievements



Hangana Seafood was recognised as the top performer of the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group’s 14 operating companies for the 2016 financial (F16) year that ended June 30, 2016, while Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL) and Broll Namibia took second and third place respectively.

The O&L Group’s annual ’12 Seasons Awards’ creates a platform to recognise its top performing companies and celebrate the achievements of the Group as a whole. The categories judged by the group’s executive included Financial Performance; Creating Amazing Trust Relations With Customers; Operational Excellence; Owning The Whole, and Other Significant Achievements.

Broll Namibia walked away as the best financial performer of the group with Hangana Seafood and NBL in second and third place respectively. In the category ‘Creating Amazing Trust Relations with Customers’, NBL came out tops with O&L Leisure and Hangana Seafood in second and third place respectively.

NBL and Namibia Dairies (ND) share the number one spot in the category ‘Operational Excellence’ for their efforts and ability to successfully keep the business alive during challenges such as the water crisis and drought which the country still faces. O&L Centre took second place, while Pick n Pay (PnP) Namibia was crowned third best in this category.

The category ‘Owning The Whole’ saw O&L Centre walk away as the winner with NBL second, and Hangana Seafood, third.

The O&L Group CEO, Peter Grüttemeyer, announced the stand out companies of the group in the category ‘Other Significant Achievements’, which highlighted five outstanding performers, and crowned O&L Energy in the number one spot in celebration of significant achievements in energy generation over the last financial year.

Grüttemeyer said: “For never giving up and eventually landing the first tender in Namibia for an Independent Power Producer Project, as well as for pioneering the development of a solution that turns Invader Bush into energy for Biofuel.” In second place is O&L Leisure, while Hangana Seafood was rewarded the third spot. PnP Namibia and O&L Centre palmed in 4th and 5th place respectively.

Whilst announcing the overall top performers at a special awards ceremony last week at Strand Hotel Swakopmund, executive chairman of the O&L Group, Sven Thieme said: “It is by being a breakthrough organisation that we are able to live our purpose “Creating a future, Enhancing life’ for all Namibians – within our business, through our business, and beyond our business. The 12 Seasons Awards is a celebration of change, a celebration of the strides we take as a group in pursuit of creating innovative and sustainable businesses.

“Inspired by our purpose-driven culture which has become entrenched in everything we do, we have so many breakthroughs happening within each of our operations on a daily basis.

“These breakthroughs are made possible by the contributions of a diversity of people, which includes you and all of our colleagues at various levels, in different operations, with various challenges – yet all inspired by the knowledge that by taking ownership today, contributes to creating a better tomorrow for our families, children, and communities.”


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