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Query: Minister of information, cyber bullying has become a major concern in Namibia and very little is done about it. The perpetrators tend to get away with it. Some husbands have made it a habit to tarnish the reputation of their wives or reveal intimate details about their relationships on Facebook. A famous local writer and filmmaker has been writing terrible things about his wife on Facebook since last year. This cyber bullying must stop!

Response: Cybercrime is on the rise in Namibia. The abuse of social media is the main contributing factor. In absence of the legislation to prosecute perpetrators, the victims can still open cases with the police if their rights are violated or their characters are defamed. However the draft Electronic Transactions and Cybercrime Bill which is due for enactment recognises cyber harassment/cyberbullying as punishable offences with prescribed minimum sentences.

• Media Liaison Services, Print Media Affairs, Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, Tel: 061 283 9111


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