Nujoma tightlipped on Swartbooi’s outburst



The Minister of Land Reform, Utoni Nujoma, was yesterday unable to express himself on reports that his deputy Clinton Swartbooi allegedly suggested that he is resettling people from the north on farms in the south.
Swartbooi was quoted in the Namibian Sun newspaper saying that resettlement is being done at the expense of the people from the south who are also in need of resettlement farms.

The former //Karas regional governor was further quoted as suggesting that Nujoma should be called to order before accusing him of resettling people from as far as the Zambezi Region, in the south.

It is further said that the politician added that the priority of government resettlement programmes should be first to resettle those who had lost land.

It is further on record that Swartbooi stressed at the Kai//Khau festival at Hoachanas that what Nujoma is doing is unacceptable.

When contacted for comment yesterday, Nujoma did not spare time to go into engagement on the matter, saying: “No, No, [I have] nothing [to say].”


  1. Oh Please people, these are two people with the same take on land issue, the other one is a Nama and the other one is a Herero. Mr. Nujoma is probably the one who encouraged Swartbooi to say what he said. Do not be surprised! Any one familiar with the so called “Fake News”? There you have it people.


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