Katjavivi pays tribute to late Castro



National Assembly Speaker Professor Peter Katjavivi has described the late former Cuban leader and commander-in-chief of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro as “larger than life”.

In a letter to his Cuban counterpart Estaban Lazo Hernandez, Katjavivi said Castro, who passed away over the weekend at the age of 90, led an extraordinary life.

“He confronted many challenges and in the end prevailed against his adversaries. He stood tall and proclaimed to the world that Cuba will stand in support of the liberation struggles in Africa and elsewhere, along the ideals of José Marti, against all forms of injustices,” Katjavivi’s note read.

“For us in Namibia, we value the bond of friendship that has grown between Namibia and Cuba, as this was shaped by our common desire for self-determination,” he stated.

According to Katjavivi, like his Cuban compatriot, Marti, the great Cuban intellectual thinker, Castro’s contribution to Namibia’s common humanity will live on and continue to inspire and enrich revolutionary principles in Cuba and the world beyond.

“Comrade Castro’s desire and energy to ensure a better world was hinged upon the Cuban culture of enhancing and promoting leadership principles of working ‘With All for the Good of All’.”
Katjavivi continued: “This is the legacy that the world’s revolutionary giants have left behind.”


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