Traditional leaders deserve their perks

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There is nothing wrong with paying traditional leaders. Paying them is nothing and should not be a great concern to the nation. They actually deserve more than that. We are here today , because they paved a path for our country. Look at the millions spent on politicians and the other millions getting lost without trace. Who is expressing a concern there? We must [stop] blaming chiefs of this country and start according them the respect they deserve.
Masaku Mathew


  1. Traditional leaders might deserve their perks if they can get it from their subjects they rule, but not from the government. It should just be like in the past when they were taken care of by their own communities. You see what is happening now? There is always a new traditional Authority every second month and the only way we can stop that is to take away the perks they get from government. You will realize that the commotion will tone down a notch if not by three fold. What you are promoting is laziness and we can not tolerate the kind of you.


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