Schools urged to participate in tree planting to protect biodiversity


Onekongo – To protect and sustain biodiversity schools in the Oshikoto Region residents are encouraged to participate in the annual tree planting ceremony organised by the directorate of forestry in the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry.

This was the message at a belated Arbour Day at the Onekongo Primary School in the Okankolo Constituency, which received a floating trophy as the overall winner in an Arbour Day competition, followed by Omena Junior Primary.

The two schools received some gardening equipment, including a hosepipe, watering cans, spades, wheel borrows, rakes and ten mango seedlings. Another 250 seedlings were offered to the community members in attendance.

“The promotion of tree planting is aimed at improving food security in schools and households, while at the same time reducing our carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere, hence mitigating the impact on climate change” said Monika Amutenya from the forestry directorate at Onankalo.

She added that it is their mandate to ensure the sustainability of the country’s forestry resources by increasing the vegetation cover and by promoting tree planting. She further stressed the importance of taking care of existing indigenous trees as they take many years to mature.


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