Kuvikiland transferred to Tsumeb Municipality

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The battle for the invaded land of Kuvikiland by illegal settlers in Tsumeb’s informal settlement has come to an end after long protracted negotiations between Weatherly Mining and the Tsumeb Municipality to have the land transferred officially to the local authority.

The piece of land at the centre of the storm measures 57. 6 hectares.
The land is being occupied by over 8 000 people from different parts of the country, of whom the majority are employed in industries in the copper mining town.

Announcing the handover was Peter Christian, the general manager of Tschudi copper mine that is under Weatherly Mining, which offered the land for free at the opening of the Tsumeb Copper Festival.

“We are hereby handing over the land of Kuvikiland to the municipality; however we will be responsible for the legal fee involved in the deed of transfer while the municipality will be responsible for developing the area,” explained Christian.

Kuvikiland was part of Weatherly Mining but was invaded by individuals in search of employment, also influenced by the shortage of serviced land and housing.

The municipality has in the past showed its willingness to develop the land and provide basic municipal services but it was unable to because part of the land was not in its jurisdiction. Therefore there is now light at the end of the tunnel for residents who had complained of the deplorable conditions they lived in as they await new developments in the area.


  1. It is ridiculous how this newspaper continues to spell Mr Peter Christians name wrong. It is CHRISTIANS and not CHRISTIAN. Come on guys.

  2. Can you at least make sure that you spell people’s names correctly. The General Manager of Tschudi’s name is Peter Christians.


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