MK lingerie was all about body positivity

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All eyes were on the catwalk Saturday night as one of the local successful top models with international exposure, Meriam ‘MK’ Kaxuxwena, unveiled her first ever-stunning ‘MK lingerie’ summer collection at the Nampower Convention Centre.

Lingerie pieces of sheer bras, lacy underwear and suspenders were out in full force, with models turning heads as they strut their stuff on stage. The night was on blast with lingerie pieces made for women of all body shapes, including plus-sized women.

Suzy Eises opened the show with her smooth jazz performance, putting the entire audience in awe. With her saxophone, Suzy surprised many when she performed a birthday song dedicated to MK.

The lingerie show itself started on a high note with MK first walking on stage, followed by the other models unveiling well designed masterpieces and attractive red lingerie.

All in good shape, the models also showcased their size and body shapes, as the event was also aimed at celebrating the Namibian woman body.

Two dancers from the She Glow Talent agency did massive performances when they danced in MK black lingerie, setting the entire crowd on a frenzy.

After the third round which showcased a blue collection of lingerie, Sunny Boy gave a dazzling performance with songs ‘Heat it Up’ and ‘Summer Time’, leaving fans craving for more. Sally also did what she does best on stage with her song ‘Natural’ that naturally did not disappoint.

The last round of the lingerie show saw other beautiful pieces of lingerie, with up to three different types ranging from yellow, green and others in different colours. Young T ended the show in style by performing his hit song, Etuwa Lange.

Kaxuwena says her lingerie shop will open on November 27 in Khomasdal Grove Mall, where she will sell all her MK products.


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