BREAKING: NPL could resume this weekend… MTC sponsorship ‘back on track’ – sources say

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All the endless delays, obfuscation and trauma that beset premier league football, players and fans alike over the past couple of months could soon be over – at least for the time being.

New Era Sport has it on good authority that domestic football could get a much-needed boost – financially speaking – as early as this week to restart league operations after the beautiful game was thrown into total turmoil by lack of funding in recent months.

A credible source revealed to our crew that the administrators of the country’s flagship league, the MTC Namibia Premiership League (NPL), have eventually found suitable sponsors to get league activities going.

The good news comes after the league lost – albeit temporarily – its lucrative principal sponsorship from MTC after the two parties failed to reach agreement in the negotiations over the terms of renewal upon the expiry of their three-year contract.

League authorities tabled a staggering budget of N$24 million per season, as opposed to the previously allocated N$15 million per season from MTC. The latter would not budge and stood its ground, telling the league to cover the shortfall with funds from elsewhere.

But the league under the stewardship of outspoken chairman and Namibian business mogul Johnny ‘JJD’ Doeseb failed to meet the prescribed deadline to find additional sponsorhips, a scenario that led to a total breakdown in negotiations.

The untenable situation in Namibian football dragged on and threatened to derail the development and wellbeing of the entire football fraternity and placed the careers of many players in jeopardy, prompting people in high-profile portfolios, including politicians, to raise their voices.

Sources with intimate knowledge of the latest developments confirmed to New Era Sport over the weekend that an agreement has lately been reached between government and the NPL for a bailout, while speculation is rife that MTC is ready to come back on board.

“It’s a done and dusted deal. Only the dotting of I’s and crossing of T’s remain before an announcement is made before the end of this week,” our informant let slip – with tongue in cheek.



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