NEWS JUST IN: Opposition angry at phosphate discussion ban


National Assembly deputy speaker Loide Kasingo today blocked further discussion on the marine phosphate mining in parliament, much to the chagrin of opposition party leaders DTA president McHenry Venanni and Swanu president Uasuta Maamberua.

Uproar erupted in the parliament chambers immediately after fisheries minister made an unprecedented ministerial statement that made a scathing attack on the environment ministry’ decision to award an environment certificate to Namibia Marine Phosphate (NMP).  Venaani, taking opportunity granted by the speaker to allow questions, expressed shock at how two ministries of the same government have two opposing views on a subject as serious as phosphate mining. He then asked that Prime Minister Saara Kuugonelwa-Amadhila, as leader of the executive in parliament, pronounce government’ official position on phoshphate mining.

The PM then rose up to express disappointment with “sectoral approach” being undertaken and asked that parliament debate and discussion on the matter be suspended, and MPs who are member of the executive cease bringing the discussion to parliament, to allow government to consult with stakeholders and report back with one voice.

This was not well received by Venaani. Maamberua was halted mid-sentence as he rose to speak further on the matter, with the speaker pounding the gavel as she interjects the outcries from the floor with the shouts: “I have closed the door, no one is going to talk about this.”


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