April calls for new leadership in football


Walvis Bay

One of Namibia’s most recognisable football agents, Colin April, came out with guns blazing this week, telling football bosses in no uncertain terms where to get off.

Reacting to the current quagmire in which domestic football finds itself entangled, the Walvis Bay-based business mogul is advocating for a total overhaul of Namibian football and believes the only solution to rescue the ship from sinking further is to transform the manner in which the game is governed.

“The entire modus operandi needs refinement, because as it stands some football leaders are hopelessly in the comfort zone and have made football their sole paradise, forgetting that it’s a public institution that should be administered as such.”

April adds that the current crisis in domestic football is now at its lowest ebb and must be arrested.
“We might just as well call it ‘Football Capture’, since some greedy blokes in the hierarchy of football are using the game for their own gratification. Football is no longer a national pride, because it has been strategically turned into a paradise for those who are entrusted to administer the game with the highest degree of honesty, credibility and gusto.”

The often-controversial football agent-cum-businessman-turned-commercial-farmer says the current leadership is running the game like its some nil star kambashu.

“We urgently need a strong leadership, because accountability is a key factor in any kind of business, as in the conspicuous absence of a tangible comprehensive business module, potential sponsors will always be reluctant to pump money into football.”

He minced no words, accusing the country’s flagship league (NPL) of applying extremely poor marketing strategies.
“Investors want to see their money well-spent, because there is more than meets the eye to it than just mere merchandising and meaningless advertising boards. The entire exercise should be of great benefit to all parties, football, sponsors and the nation.

“It’s all about the end product, nothing more nothing less. Sponsors expect good returns, so we need to come up with a holistic blueprint as to how we present our product.”

April noted that the ongoing problems in domestic football are partly caused by infighting amongst the leadership.
“The inevitable inclusion of football into the Harambee Prosperity Plan (HPP) must enjoy top priority if we are to rescue the beautiful game from becoming a delicacy for stray dogs. Football should be administered along those principles, but for that to be realised, we need a change of guard in leadership,” charged April.

April is accredited with having brokered lucrative transfer deals for dozens of local footballers to win professional contracts with various top clubs in the stinking-rich South African Premier Soccer League (PSL) over the last couple of years.

His impressive résumé of clients include Rudolf Bester, Knowledge Ipinge, Jason Petrus, Denzyl Bruwer, Zico Shaningayamwe, Sidney Plaatjies, Ballack Somaeb, Virgil Vries, Mali Ngarizemo, Saul Coetzee, George Hummel, Freedom Puriza, Richard Gariseb, Paulus Shipanga and Mogale Naruseb, as well coaches Sparks Gottlieb, Ali Akan, Congo Hindjou and Tom Saintfiet.



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